Judy Seamer, Sherbrooke Basketball Life Member, is retiring from her role as a member of the Board of management, a position she has held since 1997.  Judy took on the position of Treasurer in 2001

Her involvement in basketball, like many of us, started when her children were playing.

Judy was involved as team manager for her children over 33 years ago with Monbulk Hawks.  She then became a member of Sherbrooke Basketball’s junior domestic committee, soon followed as a member of the Sherbrooke Junior rep committee 28 years ago.  For a number of years she was simultaneously on Monbulk Hawks committee, Junior domestic competition committee, junior rep committee and the Sherbrooke Board of Management – not sure which night of the week she managed to have at home.  Judy has also stepped in to take up door keeper duties, uniform coordinator and many more practical and necessary roles within basketball.

Judy’s measured advice on many subjects over the years has been invaluable, she has a very practical approach to all issues.  Since 2007 she has been the contact person looking after the Cockatoo Indoor sport stadium.

Sherbrooke has been very fortunate to have such a wise and measured person in the role of Treasurer for such a long time.

Thank you Judy.