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Team Registration: $25.00 per team

Player registration:  $49.00 per year for 18 and over, $25.00 per year for children up to and including 17.  If you have paid personal registration at another association, you will not be charged again anywhere in Victoria for that year.  Your year commences when you first pay and play. In addition if you are 18 years and over you will be charged $10 to register as a Sherbrooke Basketball member on top of your Basketball Victoria registration.

Team Sheet fees:

Seniors & Masters: $65:00 per team per match

Juniors: $55.00 per team per match.

Door Fees $1:00 spectators only during finals

Walkover fines: – Seniors $90.00, Juniors: $55.00

PLAYER REGISTRATION any team playing an unregistered player will forfeit that match. If the match was won\drawn the opposition wins 10-0 (Seniors) and 20-0 (Juniors) and no ladder loss point is awarded. If the match was lost the scores stand and no ladder loss point awarded.

WALK OVER If a team (being minimum of 4 players) fails to turn up to a fixtured match 10-0 (Seniors) and 20-0 (Juniors) with no ladder loss point Players from the other team must register as present for the match to be credited with the game for finals qualification purposes.

TIME OUTS   1 time out per team, per half, one minute including 10 second warning

No time outs are permitted in the last minute of the first half and the last three minutes of the second half of any regular season SABA games with the exception of where the clock stops in the last two minutes on all whistles.

GAME FEES: Must be paid in full before commencement of game. Late start points may apply for delay.


Rookies, 4 x 9 minute quarters with 1 minute between quarters 1 and 2, 2 minutes at half time and 1 minute between quarters 3 and 4.

Clock stops on all whistles in the last 2 minutes of the match.

All competitions finals only 4 x 9  minute quarters – clock stops on every whistle last minute of 1st half and last 3 minutes of the match.

UNIFORM Team members must wear the same colour for singlets & the same colour for shorts. Numbers must be clearly visible & of regulation size. Proper basketball shorts must be worn (No athletic shorts, footy shorts, bike shorts etc. just plain basketball shorts). No T-shirt or any other garment may be worn which protrudes beyond the basketball singlet or shorts. No pockets, tags, dangles etc. on shorts whilst playing. Any player found doing so must leave the court and not return until the problem is rectified. If a player takes the court out of uniform a 10 point penalty (seniors) 5 point penalty (juniors) per player, per half applies which is added by the referee at half\full time. EXCEPTIONS A warning may be given at the discretion of officials and penalty points will be enforced for the following matches. Uniform penalty is not applicable during grading.

Colour Clashes – the bottom team “visitor” or second named team changes.

JEWELLERY – No player will be permitted to take part in any match whilst wearing jewellery of any description, hair accessories, headgear or any surgical appliance which may in any way be considered as dangerous or likely to cause injury. In the case of flat wedding rings, these must be adequately taped or removed completely. For clarification refer to Article 13.2.5 of the Official Rules of Basketball.

FINGERNAILS of such length as might be considered dangerous must be trimmed or taped to referees’ satisfaction, or the player must not participate in the game. Official Netball gloves may be worn.

BENCH Team substitutes/coach should sit immediately to either side of the score bench. A coach may move between the score bench and the base line of the same end of the court as the team’s bench.

BLOOD RULE During the game the official shall order any player who is bleeding or has an open wound or has blood on the uniform to leave the playing court and cause this player to be substituted. If any blood on uniform a substitute uniform must be worn to return to the court.

SCORING All teams must supply an adult scorer (i.e. 14 years and over or with appropriate scorer/referee qualifications). The game will not start until 2 scorers (one from each team) are on the score bench. Late start points may be awarded against the offending team on request. Both scorers should verbally double check continually to minimise scoring errors. Scoring from the bench is acceptable for senior and masters teams

BALL SIZE Size 6 balls will be used for all mixed and girls’/women’s competition. Size 7 balls will be used for Men’s competition and boys U15s upwards. Size 6 balls will be used for Rookies, U10s, U11s, U12s, U13s, U14s and girls’ matches.

LATE START: Teams must have 4 players to start a game. The game fees must be paid. An adult scorer must be supplied. Failing to be on court on time will incur a 1 point per minute penalty. If the game is not able to start in the first 10 minutes due to lack of players it will be declared a forfeit and fines will be imposed. Late start points do not apply during grading. (Don’t wait until the end of the game if you wish to dispute late start points)

FIRST AID It is not the policy of any sporting body or Association (which includes Sherbrooke Basketball) to be responsible for providing first aid or medical services. We recommend First Aid kits, including ice packs, be provided by the teams or individuals using the stadium. In case of emergency personal Ambulance cover is recommended.

SERIOUS INJURY If someone is clearly incapacitated during a game rendering the court unusable the clock should stop for a few minutes’ delay. If cleaning up takes longer than 5 minutes, referees should discuss the situation with the teams and if necessary cancel the game. If the match has proceeded beyond the first 10 minutes, the score will stand. If the match is still in the first 10 minutes a washout will be declared (draw).

INSURANCE COVER All registered players are covered by insurance through Basketball Victoria go to “insurance” under for download info and forms. These forms must then be signed by Sherbrooke Association before being forwarded to the insurance company.

TEAM COMPOSITION 10 players on scoring record with a maximum of 5 on court for any one match.  Mixed competition ratio of 3:2 men:women or 3:2 women:men on court for any one match. That is no more than 3 of one gender on court at the same time. 10 points max per player until the whole team scores out, then another 10 points per player applies. Men not permitted in the key at all, play with size 6 ball, men off on 4th personal foul, women off on 5th personal foul. If someone’s name is ticked on the computer and they don’t take the court at all, the rest of the team cannot score more than 10 points each. The last opportunity to delete someone’s name is before end of half time – this is the responsibility of the team captain.  If a player is awarded free throws and has 10 points recorded either before or during the free throw action, they take side ball possession instead.  (That is:  if the player has already got 10 points recorded and the rest of the team has not completed their 10 points per player, then the ball will be passed in from the side instead.  If the player is awarded two shots, already has 9 points and makes their first shot, they then take the side ball instead of another free throw)

FINALS QUALIFICATION 6 games (seniors) and 5 games (Juniors)

EXCEPTIONS Teams may request ONLY 1 player to be qualified. That player must have played at least 3 games during the current season. Medical certificates do apply. Requests in writing to the Competition Convenor. Decisions are on an individual basis and rulings are final.

COMPULSORY TECHNICAL & DISQUALIFYING FOUL COOL OFF Seniors and Masters only: These fouls will result in a minimum of 5 minutes off the court, no substitution for the offending player until the next whistle after the five minutes is up, time outs are not included in the cool off time.  If the player refuses to leave a Bench Tech will be called and the player must leave the stadium.

20 POINT RULE applies to junior competition up to and including U16s. If one team is ahead by 20 points or more then that team must move behind the three point line at the opposing team’s goal end, except where the other team is in a fast break situation. Penalty shall be a bench technical foul. This rule does not apply to finals.


There are no finals in the Rookie competition

All team members will receive some form of recognition at the end of the season.

Computer scores will be filled out but scores will not be registered on the scoreboard.

No ladders will be printed nor displayed on the internet.

Two (2) twenty minute halves will be played with two (2) time outs per team per half available.

A size six (6) ball will be used for all Rookie games.

The free throw line is the inner edge of the jump ball circle.

The centre-line violation shall not apply.

The eight seconds in the back court rule does not apply.

Five seconds in the key violation does not apply

The score bench must advise the referees when a team is 20 points ahead of the opposition. The referees will then enforce the 20 point Rule.

With the exception of the “Special Rules Rookie Competition” variations all other rules and by-laws of the S.A.B.A. junior competition are applicable for Rookie competition.

DISPUTE MANAGEMENT Only the team Captain or coach may approach the match referees.


Operations Manager, lodge it with the doorkeeper on the night, email

All other rules are in accordance with FIBA.

All games conducted according to Basketball Victoria’s Codes of Conduct

Basketball Victoria Codes of Conduct (Acrobat Format)