Sherbrooke Basketball has opened registrations for the Winter 2023 season which will run from end of May 2023 through to end October with a break during.  We are excited to offer a range of competitions for the upcoming Winter season.

Team Registration Link:

This is for team registration only,  your team captain should register the team and then provide you with a link which will take you to direct registration as a player in that team.  If you are player looking for a team to join please reply to me at this email so I can assist you.

Timing rules:  All domestic games = 4 x 9 minute quarters with clock stopping on whistles in the last 2 mins of the 4th quarter.  Each quarter will go to 5 team fouls before penalty shorts.  There will be one time out available  per team in each HALF

VENUE: Upwey High School stadium

Tuesdays:  At Upwey High School stadium. Open Womens or o\Open Men’s competition which caters for players 14 years and over.  This will include those who are late teens and 20-30 somethings as well as father/son, Mother/daughter combinations.  Game times would start at 6.30pm.

Wednesdays:  at Upwey High School stadium. Senior Mixed competition for anyone 14 years and over. 

At Upwey High School stadium. Men’s Masters competition for men 35 years and over but we do allow a couple of 30+ men in a team if there is a numbers issue.  Mixed games are played early and Men’s Masters afterwards.

Saturdays:  Junior domestic – see below

VENUE: Cockatoo Stadium

Thursdays:  Senior Mixed competition for anyone 14 years and over.  Senior Mixed competition for anyone 14 years and over

Saturdays:  Junior domestic – see below

Junior Domestic competition:

Sherbrooke continues to offer the unique opportunity for boys and girls to play in the same teams from rookies up to and including U14s, then separate gender U16  and U18 on Saturdays.

So from rookies, U10s, U12s, U14s, U16 boys to U18 boys games are at Upwey High School with some at Cockatoo stadium on Saturdays.

We continue to run an Aussie Hoops program for all newbies to the game from 9 to 9.45am each Saturday at Upwey High School and Cockatoo – registration essential.

Cost of registering a team at Sherbrooke is $25.00 paid on line at time of registration.  Cost to players up to 17 years of age is $25.00 per year, cost to adults 18 and over $40.00 per year plus a $10 membership fee to Sherbrooke Basketball for 18 year olds and over. The year commences from when you pay and play. The system knows whether your registration is current. You only pay it once for all basketball registration throughout Victoria at any level but you must register into each team you play in with the specific team registration link provided by the person who registers the team.


Masters, Senior team  domestic  game fees $65.00 per team

Junior team game fees $55.00 per team

TEAM REGISTRATION @ $25.00 per team paid online at time of entry.


To open a team to receive registrations, please visit our website and click on the Play HQ portal

Once you’ve completed the team registration, you will receive a hyperlink to forward to your players which they use to join your team.


To register for the  season, use the hyperlink from your team manager and have your credit or debit card handy.  All players need to be paid up and registered before the start of the season, if you are not registered before your first game you cannot play.

If you have any questions,  email